todd dion:  Lead vocals

The term "music is food for the soul" cannot be more accurate for a musician who is highly enthusiastic about making music and performing in most any genre.  In fact, Todd started his musical career at an early age, learning the complexities of the music industry while touring with the world-renowned rock group Stryper.

After working many years with Stryper, Todd developed a unique and unequaled voice, ultimately earning the right to be called a professional singer.  Since this time, he has become accomplished in the art of performing multifarious music for live audiences, delivering engaging singing performances with musical ensembles.  This has now brought him to an even higher artistic level, challenging his vocal abilities, paying homage to the musical genius of Journey.

sean swisher: lead guitar

The development of Sean's unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence.  He has always surrounded himself by different forms of music.  His first foray into learning an instrument himself came when he started to play the saxophone at age nine. By the age of twelve, he became interested in playing guitar and started performing in concerts.  As such, he has invested many years in music academics.

After realizing that making music was his main goal, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across southern California, playing at numerous gigs and makimg sure that his name and music were being heard by as many people as possible.  Additionally, he is currently a professional guitar instructor.  Sean paired up with childhoood friend Todd Dion, and together they formed Journey Captured.

giorgio tupanjanin:  Bass

A graduate of the LA College of Music, Giorgio is a well-respected bassist.  He has recorded and performed with a myriad of artists, including the much-revered jazz fusion guitarist Frank Gambale.  He has also taken on the demanding roles of producer and composer for several of the artists he has collaborated with.  In addition, Giorgio has composed theme music for television, independent and industrial films. 

"Quality of tone is something never to be compromised,"  Giorgio states. 

scott brooks:  Drums

Scott's lifelong passion for music began at an early age with concert, marching and jazz band.  He continued his education graduating from world-renowned Musicians Institute (MI) under Chuck Flores, Joe Porcaro, as well as private instruction with Michael Curotto.

Scott is a multi-instrumentalist, plays saxophone, banjo, guitar, bass, and is also a vocalist.  This brings a melodic sensibility to the drums.  He has also written, recorded and produced his own music for other projects he is involved with.  While emulating famous drummers, he is able to transform into the character being protrayed.  Scott's theory is "there is an element of theater needed for tribute shows that raises the audience's experience.  After all, people also hear with their eyes."

greg d'amico:  Keyboards

Greg started banging on a piano at the age of three.  Several wold-class teachers had taught him, before taking private lessons from concert pianist Charlotte Zelka at age twelve.  Zelka has remained a heavy influence on his playing and teaching style ever since.  Greg also studied jazz improvisation under Chuck Wackerman and later with Tommy Thomas. 

When he is not playing Journey songs, he enjoys playing romantic-era pieces, mainly Chopin and jazz standards from the 1920s and 1930s.  He has been teaching piano since 2013.